by: Pickleisaminidaschi


You know this girl named molly she has the worst luck, what do you do about it

  1. 1

    Molly is eating a cucumber, she chokes on it and dies you don't want to look responcible but you.....

  2. 2

    Molly is walking across the street, all the suden she gets shot, shes still alive, you

  3. 3

    Molly is about to get eaten by a shark you

  4. 4

    You set up a trap for a pesky sales man Molly is about to walk into the trap you

  5. 5

    Molly has a broken leg, she is on a wheelchair in the middle of busy traffic she can't move because her wheels are stuck you...

  6. 6

    You move hopeing to never see this Molly person anymore on the way there you see Molly getting beat up by street rapers you

  7. 7

    Your sitting at home watching TV and sipping coffe when you see bloody Molly stareing in at you though the window you

  8. 8

    In question #7 What where your thoughts when Molly was all bloody stareing at you

  9. 9

    You are walking your dog when Molly comes up and starts talking about the same thing, where the tomatos in her garden went you...

  10. 10

    You go into the bathroom to take a shower, when you look behind the curtains you see Molly there you

  11. 11

    You wake up and Molly is sitting on your chest you

  12. 12

    By now what type of things are you wondering about Molly

    Please select all that apply.

  13. 13

    Now your on your compurer and all the sudden a big photo of Molly's face with blood dripping from it appears and won't go away you

  14. 14

    You are watching TV all the sudden you hear screaming,loud knocking on your door you answer it and it is Molly she just stands there with a peice of skin hanging off of her arm she'd bleeding you

  15. 15

    Did you like this quiz and rate it 1 being bad 10 being good the rateing decides if I should make anouther "Molly" quiz and thanks for taking this one!

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