Does my guy friend like me?!

by: lovely_me_lovely_you

He is 19 (almost 20.) and I am 17. We lost contact for 5 years but we have known each other for 14 years.

  1. 1

    He calls me baby-girl

  2. 2

    He calls me his lovely lady

  3. 3

    He calls me sweetie and beautiful

  4. 4

    I gave him my new number and he said he would love to call me

  5. 5

    He told me that hearing from me made his day

  6. 6

    I told him 2 dream of beautiful things 4 me & he said "I'll be sure 2 dream of u, so my dreams will b beautiful." I said that was sweet & then he said, "I'll dream of u if u dream of me."

  7. 7

    When I was 16 I mentioned how his mother thinks I like him and he said, "For real you're only 16, but I enjoy talking to you."

  8. 8

    He always wants pictures of me

  9. 9

    He told me that an upside down stamp means I love you, and he sent me a letter with an upside down stamp

  10. 10

    He told me he wants to get to know me a little better, or a lot

  11. 11

    He confides in me and is protective of me

  12. 12

    He used to like my sister and they were the ones that were friends, but now he doesn't talk to her or like her and he talks to me. He ignores her.

  13. 13

    The first time he saw me in five years he said, "Wow, you've grown."

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