Band Vs Band

by: xXKenzie_ChaosXx

uhmmm...battle...and stuff.. these are bands that i like....

  1. 1

    The used vs McR

  2. 2

    paramore vs silverstine

  3. 3

    secondhand serenade vs tokio hotel

  4. 4

    death cab for cutie vs dashboard confessional

  5. 5

    The red jumpsuit aparatus vs the legion of doom O.o

  6. 6

    the flatliners vs nirvana

  7. 7

    panic at the disco vs linkin park

  8. 8

    porcelain and the tramps vs. story of the year

  9. 9

    finch vs alesana

  10. 10

    flyleaf vs meg and dia

  11. 11

    billy talent vs metric

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