Does He Like Me?

by: punkrockchibi

i made this quiz cuz i had a good dream last night :) but only 1 of my friends knows who i like. my dream was-

i was in my house, drawing. then the doorbell rang. i opened the door, and my crush was there. he was hugging me and flirting with me. then sadly, i woke up =[ but tell me... do you think that means something?

  1. 1

    do you think that meant something?

  2. 2

    He is in every one of my classes and he sits next to me. does that mean anything?

  3. 3

    He calls himself emo, and he calls me emo too. does he like me?

  4. 4

    when my teachers say something to tease me, he always looks at me and smiles. does that mean anything?

  5. 5

    i sometimes have 2 sit with him on the bus and he doesnt back away. does he like me?

  6. 6

    will you comment or message me on what to do?

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