poem... again

by: __Jess_The_Mess_

you dont understand why i run away
and you always ask for me to stay
you beg me to tell you why i act this way,
and tell me everything will be okay.

i walk away crying,
and its because you were trying
you tell me to stop hiding
but you probly dont care and was lying

finished in questions

  1. 1

    i cant take the chance to beleive you, bucause what you say may not be true. im trying so hard not to fall for you, because my heart will get broken if i do.

  2. 2

    you run after me, and tell me not toleave, you grab ahold of my hand, and i cannot breath

  3. 3

    you look directly in my eyes, and i feel your lips connect to mine. so many thoughts go through my mind and all of my pain was left behind.

  4. 4

    ok... that was it. what do ya think?! (honestly)

  5. 5

    comment please??

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