by: Mizz_Draco_Malfoy

i got the idea from some1 on here. i kno that ur thinking im copying them but this did happen...
U call me on the phone and say,
in a shaky voice,
Im done, I've had it, I can't live this way!

  1. 1

    I ask u what you mean and u say...

  2. 2

    my life, im going to end it

  3. 3

    i beg & plead, 4 u 2 come to your senses

  4. 4

    to forget the bad things and focus on the good

  5. 5

    but the phone line went dead

  6. 6

    i hear nothing but your breath

  7. 7

    at first i think that u wont do it

  8. 8

    but then i hear a gun being cocked

  9. 9

    i am silent, u r silent

  10. 10

    & with a bang u r gone

  11. 11

    the world stops, i cry, i dont 4get this day...

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