Can You Quiz

Can You Quiz

by: ReSi

WARNING--- may be unintentialy creepy or just plain wierd so i apologize now

i just realized that i do most of my quizes during lond periods of boredom.

  1. 1

    Can You watch a dog eat vomit without puking?

  2. 2

    Can You watch Barney nonstop for 67 hours w/o going crazy?

  3. 3

    Can You eat vomit w/o vomiting?

  4. 4

    Can You play duble dutch blind

  5. 5

    Can You watch a baby slowly dying and u cant stop it?

  6. 6

    Can You kill someone who killed someone you love?

  7. 7

    Can You bear another 81 questions like these?

  8. 8

    Can You eat ice cream nonstop for 5 hours without getting an ice cream headache?

  9. 9

    Can You go back in time and not change anything?

  10. 10

    Can You go 76 hours without looking in the mirrior?

  11. 11

    Can You go to jail willingly knowing that you did nothing wrong?

  12. 12

    Can You be dictator for a week and not get corupt?

  13. 13

    Can You go without medical treatment for 30 minutes knowing that you might die any minute?

  14. 14

    Can You read a book 1000 pgs long on plastic w/o falling asleep?

  15. 15

    Can You crash the Internet for 1 million dollars

  16. 16

    Can You call your best freind a bad name to his/her face?

  17. 17

    Can You run away to a movie or a book

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