Anime Collusium 4(read intro)

by: MarianaNightroad

Me:Welcome to another Anime Collusium. Anime Fanz and Koigirl:Huh how could they rebuild this stadium so fast!? Me:they didn't this is the one next door.(Anime Fanz and Koigirl go look over the side and see the mess of the first stadium) Huh why did we never see before? oh well lets get this started.

  1. 1

    Me:Lets start off this match with Carey (a cute little girl) and Naruto! Anime Fanz:Why did you put a 4 year old againts Naruto?Koigirl:ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! Me:Hold on a second...She's 5!

  2. 2

    (Naruto goes up to the little girl)I'm not fighting her. Carey:Ok then I'll go....Hiya!(Lonches Naruto fiftey feet in the air and then poof to show it was Tsunade)

  3. 3

    Me:You see Naruto was being a joker in the village and Tsunade needed to teach him a lesson. Koigirl:Are you sure it wasn't the fact you hate Naruto? Me:I am suprised that you would say that..a little

  4. 4

    Tsunade:Here you go the money I promised.(Naruto finnaly comes down) Tsunade:come on this isn't even the begining of your punishment.

  5. 5

    Anime Fanz:Time to announce our next match Naraku and Orochimaru! Koigirl:Why did you put the some of the worst people on this?! Me:Just watch!

  6. 6

    Inuyasha:NARAKU!!!!!Jariya:OROCHIMARU!!!! Anime Fanz:IS THIS ALL YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME PIT SET PEOPLE UP LIKE THIS!?Me:Pretty much yeah. Koigirl:we need to find you a hobby.

  7. 7

    Koigirl.Anime Fanz,Me(Sitting there eating popcorn) Koigirl:You know what?Anime Fanz and Me:What?Koigirl:AT time like this team rocket would have(BOOM)

  8. 8

    Anime Fanz:SInce we're flying...I call Jesse!Me:I call James!Koigirl:I call Meowth....Meow! Meowth:I do not sound like that! Us:Beat it team rocket your in our scene!(Kicks them)Team Rocket:ouch!

  9. 9

    Me:Don't worry I got our parashutes. Audience:You knew this was going to happen!?Me:Hey you don't get to speak yet..yes I knew it.You two said you wanted to fly. Anime Fanz:You REALLY need a hobby!

  10. 10

    (Puts on the parashutes and lands safely)Koigirl:Well that the end of our show. Anime Fanz:and as always..Me:Comment

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