The Love Survey

by: spectacles
  1. 1

    What do you think about teens who are having a baby outside of marriage?

  2. 2

    Do you plan on saving your virginity until you're married?

  3. 3

    If a girl doesn't get her boyfriend a Valentine's Day gift, should he forgive her?

  4. 4

    If a boy doesn't get his girlfriend a Valentine's Day gift, should she forgive him?

  5. 5

    How old are you?

  6. 6

    You know FOR SURE you are in love when:

  7. 7

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

  8. 8

    How would you typically break-up with someone?

  9. 9

    Pick the cutest celebrity couple:

  10. 10

    Who would your ideal Valentine be?

  11. 11

    What's the best Valentine's Day gift you've ever received?

  12. 12

    If your parents were getting divorced, would you want them to stay together, even if it meant they were unhappy?

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