or you obsessed with twilight?

by: shuchastupidlamb

if you go over ten your obsessed
comment on what score you got
you could cheat but whats the fun in that?

  1. 1

    you have the full twilight books

  2. 2

    you own the movie

  3. 3

    you dream about twilight every night

  4. 4

    you have a team jacob or edward shirt

  5. 5

    you have a twilight shirt

  6. 6

    you have twilight posters hanging in your room

  7. 7

    your Jealous of bella cause she has jacob and edward (to awesome guys) fighting over her

  8. 8

    you read the twilight books over and over again when ever u have the time

  9. 9

    your going to name your kid Renesmee

  10. 10

    you look at twilight videos on youtube nonstop

  11. 11

    twilight has inspired you to look for a "edward" or "jacob"

  12. 12

    you write ms. (your name) cullen (or black) in your diary

  13. 13

    you almost faint when ever you see a Silver Volvo

  14. 14

    you did this whole quiz and your going to comment =P

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