what would u do n my shoes??

what would u do n my shoes??

by: Phantomrider

ok, so 2 days ago i had 2 go n 4 a job interview & wanted 2 look my best. i was seconds away from finishing my makeup when my dad started bangin on my door tellin me 2 hurry. naturally i told him i wasn't done w/ my makeup yet. he got mad & opened my door tryin 2 pull me out. i stayed put so he slammed my bedroom door back & hit my nose. it hurt, but thankfully it didn't break. my mom came & politely knocked on my door, tellin me 2 hurry. once again i said i wasn't done w/ my makeup (cont below)

  1. 1

    (cont.) & went back 2 puttin it on. my dad tried gettin n my room again but since i was still behind my door it wasn't easy. he put all of his weight against my door & nearly snapped my wrist. (cont.)

    Please select all that apply.

  2. 2

    (cont.) he proceeded 2 tell me not 2 tell any1 about it. i kept that promise 4 a while, but told my bf & now im tellin u. what would u do?

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