WoUlD U rAtHeR#2 >:)

WoUlD U rAtHeR#2 >:)

by: StApLeS_In_OuR_EyEs

WhAt is up meh ppl :D dis be miiiyyy idk wtfh it iz@%#!@ but i made it... so ur takingg itt... it ishh be...mi would u RaThEr thing... num bear 2 :)so if u dont dis...w/e.... idf u take it.. amazing.. just take it already :)
wat r u still doin readin the intro? take da survey :O...

  1. 1

    hug edwarc cullen or the other guy from twilight

  2. 2

    have sticky notes or a biiiggg piece of paper :)

  3. 3

    smile or frown?

  4. 4

    be emo or goth?

  5. 5

    save ur dad or ur mom? (ha.. good question :) )

  6. 6

    have a baby named pablo or pedro?

  7. 7

    drink monster or ur fave soda?

  8. 8

    hug a fire hydrant or kiss a toilet on the handle thing?

  9. 9

    take mi quiz or die?

  10. 10

    throw a random animal out of a window or kiss a hairless mole rat 4 every day of ur life

  11. 11

    live in a reaalllyyy crappy houssee or a reeaallyyy nice 4 room apartment

  12. 12

    listen 2 disturbed or listen 2 slipknot?

  13. 13

    throw ur comp out if a window and neva b able teh anuther comp or throws ur parnet (tht u dislike) out a window?

  14. 14

    get electricuted or shot in the face

  15. 15

    be the president or an astronaut?

  16. 16

    amazingly beautiful but ever1 hate u or look terrible but every1 luv u

  17. 17

    deaf or blind?

  18. 18

    play drums or guitar?

  19. 19

    repeat a grade or bail out of skewl nd have a crappy job?

  20. 20

    comment and/or rate?

  21. 21

    was dis a good or bad quiz?

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