random, part 14 topic: locked in

random, part 14 topic: locked in

by: Monkey4Lyfe

hihihi. ok. pretend you are stuck in a place all alone. you are about to choose the items you bring.

if you have ideas for the random quizzes, mail me. i have already gotten a few suggestions.

  1. 1

    first: where?

  2. 2

    what food would you want? you would not eat any other food besides this one, so choose well.

  3. 3

    what drink? (you would get water for free)

  4. 4

    which book would you want?

  5. 5

    which electronic item?

  6. 6

    comfort item?

  7. 7


  8. 8

    do you like random?

  9. 9

    is this the best random quiz i hav made?? if it was not, tell which in comments

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