by: Baby_Cakes303

usjjxjnsyuaihhgsuygsiw9yw9ouywhryjdwjgkdwyuitdyrjcdujufgjuygfijghfukfydyjdsjsefgfmgdkurekrgfu (its stupid)

  1. 1

    Do u hav a dog named after food

  2. 2

    do u have a sister thats fat

  3. 3

    do u have big tits? (if u a dude ANSWER IT!!) (tell the truth)

  4. 4

    hav u ever told someone how badly they sing (for andrea LOVE YOU A LOT)

  5. 5


  6. 6

    have u ever been in love?? (for gurtrude.....TELL ME)

  7. 7

    do u have pimples (tell dat truth we wont judge)

  8. 8

    how many holes do girls hav,and do boys have

  9. 9

    did u like this quiz??

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