by: gremlingrace

OK, so im really too scared to go to the doc or even tell m parents but i think i have cancer... breast cancer im a 12 year old girl, slim, pretty healthy, flexible, not around too much smoke, only a lil while ago wen my grandma visited... and... uh... i have SOO much family with cancer. my aunt died of breast cancer after having it for four years. So does anyone know how you can tell if i have breast cancer?! PLEASE HELP! Im only 12, but i know i can still get it...

  1. 1

    OK so... i guess i'm still developing but i have lumps, like they look like goosbumbs.

  2. 2

    my nipple pokes in at the center... gulp

  3. 3

    Based on everything in the description do u think i have it? or could have it???!!

  4. 4

    please comment and tell me if i do... or dont

  5. 5

    oh and im short... shorter than most the other kids, but kinda average

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