I like him but does he like me back?


oka i like this guy but he is way older then me but idk if he likes me back

  1. 1

    he teases me alot but k]like the cute teasing

  2. 2

    oka he holds my waist all the time

  3. 3

    well he totally kissed me the other day but he told my friend/his friend that i was just another chick to bang but like when its just me and him he buys me things and is really sweet

  4. 4

    he like acts like i'm the only 1 in the world he likes but i've seen the girls that ask him out but he says no and comes back to me

  5. 5

    he is 5 years older then me and yet he likes me more then his scary ex cheerleader girlfriend and i mean she is pretty

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