by: DELTED_ACCOUNT theres a dude who i kinnda like,.

  1. 1

    but we are best friends. :( and i think he likes me back :D but im to shy to ask him...

  2. 2

    He always calls me sunshine, angel, u know stuff like that..

  3. 3

    yesterday he was over and we were being dummies and he came and hugged me from behind and didnt let go for a long time

  4. 4

    then he fell asleep at my house and he came into my bed and then i woke up and cuddled him idk y but i did...

  5. 5

    but he isnt usually like this around everyone.

  6. 6

    also his name is drake...and his user is Monkey_Panduh_Ninjas, XD

  7. 7

    and he is also coming over tonight. he said he wanted to talk about something

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