i really need help on this.. i feel like he likes me but i dunno!! PLEASE DOES HE LIKE ME??? <3<3<3

by: lilxwanabx0x
  1. 1

    When every we see each other at lunch, break, in the hallways, outside, or anything... he always says hey my name and starts a conversation that makes him blush JUST A LITTLE!! not that much though

  2. 2

    When we talk he looks into my eyes and sometimes scratches his head and gives me an innocent look.

  3. 3

    we have band together and he sits really near me cuz of our assigned seats. whenever i look back, he smiles and turns a little red and sits up a little straighter

  4. 4

    he always tries to scare me but in a cute sort of way

  5. 5

    he always tries to find ways to talk to me.. even if theres not much to say or its awkward

  6. 6

    if i get to school early and thers no one around.. and hes there too.. he always comes up to me and acts as if he wants to keep me company and always talks to me never making it boring

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