Death by... Quiz!

by: VampuricKnight

This is were you have a choice between two+ ways to die which would you choose. (Note if unsure about one think worst case senario)

  1. 1

    Death by drowning or Death by burning.

  2. 2

    Death by being Crushed or Death by loss of blood.

  3. 3

    Death by being eaten or death by multiple knife stabs.

  4. 4

    Death by Sword or Death by Arrow.

  5. 5

    Death by strangling or Death by heart attack.

  6. 6

    Death by Electrocution or Death by Train crash.

  7. 7

    Death in Sleep or Death awake and aware.

  8. 8

    Buried alive or torn limb from limb

  9. 9

    Which way would you want to die overall? (Choose the closest.)

  10. 10

    Of all the choices which are worst overall.

    Please select all that apply.

  11. 11

    Death by dipped in Acid or Death by slowly Poison.

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