by: DarthDan

The quiz is about Republican Ron Paul who is running for president off of the constitution and the founding fathers. If you are interested look up www.ronpaul2008.com or look up on you tube, ronpaul2008dotcom. If you are not interested I advise you look up democrat Mike Gravel who is much more liberal but is also very honest and is against the Iraq war.

  1. 1

    Ron Paul is a Republican. Are you?

  2. 2

    Ron Paul wishes to return to the law of the constitution. Do you?

  3. 3

    Ron Paul is against inflation and wants sound money. Agree?

  4. 4

    Ron Paul is against legislation such as the patriot act which destroyes our personal liberties. Ron Paul is in favor of personal liberties. Agree?

  5. 5

    Ron Paul is against the federal reserve dollar which is constantly being devalued. He wants to base American currency on gold and silver. Agree?

  6. 6

    Ron Paul is a non-interventionist. He loves free trade but does not want to get into unnessesary fereign wars. Agree?

  7. 7

    Ron Paul is against the Iraq war from the start. Agree?

  8. 8

    Ron Paul wants a free market. Agree?

  9. 9

    Ron Paul wants to tax and spend only when nessesary, or Ron Paul wants low taxing and spending. Agree?

  10. 10

    Ron Paul is against the government taxing from one class and giving to another, which he calls stealing. Agree?

  11. 11

    Ron Paul wants strong borders. Agree?

  12. 12

    Ron Paul does not believe in taking life away from one to give choice to another. In other words Ron Paul is Pro Life in abortion.

  13. 13

    If you have seen Ron Paul's voting record you will notice he has always voted for what he says. He is a very honest and principled candidate. Do you like this?

  14. 14

    Ron Paul does not want to make laws that force people not to harm themeselves. Agree?

  15. 15

    Before this quiz did you support Republican Ron Paul?

  16. 16

    After this quiz do you support this quiz do you support Ron Paul?

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