Does My Old Crush Like Me? >

Does My Old Crush Like Me? >

by: oppa

Well I had an old crush in 5th and 6th grade and I want to know if he likes me, without asking him >w<! I already promised my heart to someone I really love, even more then him but I'm curious if he ever had a thought in liking me :P

  1. 1

    Sometimes I sit in his spot to get attention from him, and he comes over to me, pats me on the head or shoulder and says 'Move' in a teasing baby voice~

  2. 2

    One time my best friend and him were shooting baskets together cause we were bored and then I was sitting in the court watching them and he asks me, "Are you okay __?" really protectively.

  3. 3

    Well one of my friends I sort of like at times and sometimes I dont is best friends with my old crush, she always chases him and he runs away. Sometimes he cusses at her for no reason though..?

  4. 4

    My old crush sort of has anger issues x.x But one time in the lunch line he didn't let my best friend cut in line but he let me cut in front of him...

  5. 5

    Sometimes I walk by his desk after sharpening my pencil or something and tease him by stealing his pencil or something, or he goes to me and steals my pencil...[:

  6. 6

    We tease each other alot, and sometimes I like to get him mad by bugging him :P Sometimes he likes to get me mad too by bugging me~(Which I love) He smiles at me alot when this happens~

  7. 7

    Sometimes I look at him and he catches me looking at him, so I turn away.

  8. 8

    Sometimes he looks at me alot, and I catch him looking at me, which he turns away...

  9. 9

    One time, he drew a picture of a rose, and then a bunch of his friends wanted it (Hes a really good drawer) But he gave it to me ^_^<3

  10. 10

    Overall, do you think he likes me? D; Or do you think he likes my other friend...orr?

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