RANT thing a ma jig

RANT thing a ma jig

by: IWannaBeALionWhenIGrowUp

Ok so I was surfing through users here on Quibblo and I was looking at the comments on their profiles. Almost all the comments[on guys] were something along the lines of: "OMG like Lawlz ur like SOOO hott!! :)" and then the pic would turn out to be a sitemodel or some celebrity. I hate that personally. People need to realize that people use what are called "Site models". They are pictures of other people[mostly famous on myspace or something] that people use instead of their own pic. SERIOUSLY.

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    YES. I use a site model too. I admit. I'm insecure and think I look weird. Does that bother you?

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    Do you think that people using site models should address in their info that the picture's not them and give people credit?[I do that]

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