by: sez119

Okay so im writting this new story and im so confused of whether or not im going to put it on quibblo. The story is about a girl(Courtney) who has lost all of her memories and when three people come to live in the foster home she lives in...strange things start to happen, slowly at first. And im also necglecting to put out the next parts from my other stories soo i want at least ten comments for if i should continue with all or jst some of my stories and i should put out the new one. thx ppl:)

  1. 1

    Should i continue the Called Away series?

  2. 2

    Should i continue the Breathe series?

  3. 3

    Should i continue with the Watchers?

  4. 4

    Should i put out the story i talked about in the intro?

  5. 5

    Thank you for the help!:)

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