Would you rather...

by: anh1227
  1. 1

    ...kiss a hamster or kiss a teacher?

  2. 2

    ...swim in Jell-O or swim in pudding?

  3. 3

    ...be able to fly or be able to turn invisible?

  4. 4

    ,..drink vinegar or drink hot sauce?

  5. 5

    ...bungee jump or sky dive?

  6. 6

    ...be alone or with everyone you know for a week?

  7. 7

    ...explode or implode?

  8. 8

    ...know it all or have it all?

  9. 9

    ...grow long hair all over your body or grow scales?

  10. 10

    ...be a werewolf or a vampire?

  11. 11

    ...watch 12 hours of SpongeBob or 12 hours of MythBusters?

  12. 12

    ...would you rather pet a stingray or pet a mouse?

  13. 13

    ...marry to and never lose someone who loves you but you will never love or someone you love but will never love you?

  14. 14

    ...be any animal or the opposite gender for a day?

  15. 15

    ...drink only water or eat only bread for a week?

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