That's What She Said :) :P

That's What She Said :) :P

by: _lexia_

Just some random stuff haha :) if you think this is gross then get a life cuz every teen agers mind is like this :P

  1. 1

    A muscle man was working out one day and he wanted to challenge himself so when he was on the bench weights he told his assistant/mother to put ten more pounds on. He kept repeateing "Give me more!"

  2. 2

    Say this guy who wanted to show off was like "Sqeeze my arm." So you did, and to be even more tough he said, "Harder! Harder!! HARDER!!"

  3. 3

    Some high school friends, a male and female, just got in contact with each other. The female invited the male over. He pulled in her garage.Jokingly she said to him "You parked your car in my garage!"

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