Dumb Blond Jokes!!! p.s.im a blond!!!

by: Emerald_Cove

i have heard some funny blond jokes in the past.lol i luuuv blond jokes n im a blond!!!! ok a brunette,red head and blond are running from the police they go into a barn the brunette jumps into a bag of puppies the red head jumps into a bag of kittens and the blond jumps into a sack of potatoes. the police come in they go over to the puppies the brunette says bark bark. they go over to the kittens the red says meow meow. they go over to the potatoes n the blond says potatoes potatoes!!!!!!

  1. 1

    was that funny??

  2. 2

    a blond goes up to a crowd n says i dont like blond jokes so the brunette comes up and says a blond joke,everyone laughs so the blond says a brunette joke all is silent......was that funny?

  3. 3

    ok im sorry but all my jokes are to long.....sorry!!!!

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