Does he like me?

by: hiyahiyahiya

I suspect that a boy in my class likes me, but I can't be sure 'coz he's a GEEK!!! Ok, not really a geek, just a study freak. Quite hot, but so anti-social n fierce that he has very few friends. I keep seeing him staring at me and he looks away right after I catch his stare. Not only that, quite a few things have happened to make me even more suspicious. Check this out, 'coz I need to confirm this ASAP!!! Due to the lack of space, I will use short forms. :D

  1. 1

    My frens say that he is mean 'coz he bangs his table (or hits ppl, in rare cases) wheneva he finds them sitting at his desk. Howeva, dere was 1ce when I ransackd his bag and he jus watched! o.0

  2. 2

    1ce, I drpped all my bks n dey were all ova d place. He was kind enuf 2 pick dem up 4 me, n evn flippd open d maths workbk and said, "Dis ans is wrong. Want me 2 teach u?" No1 else gets dis treatment

  3. 3

    Weneva I ask him 2 lend me his paper 2 copy ans, he xplains it in full detail instead. (Doesn't do dat 2 any1 else!)

  4. 4

    I was in d middle of chattin wif frens wen he approachd me. Coz he interruptd, I gt so angry n startd scoldin him. Wen he went bak 2 his frens, dey said, "Nvm, u can ask her out nxt time"

  5. 5

    His frens... Reminds me, weneva hes wif his frens, dat whole lot of study freaks look @ me, nudge him n whisper in his ear, which he wil den bcome v embarrassed.

  6. 6

    Continuation frm q5. Wen I look @ dem while dey r doin , all of dem stop n go bak 2 studyin. He is obviously blushin.

  7. 7

    1 of his frens threw his bag @ me, den startd laffin, lik, ROFL. He came, saw, turnd red in d face n askd sm1 else 2 safekeep it, n bashd up dat 'fren'.

  8. 8

    Last question! Soo.... Does he like me?

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