All Against That Courtney Girl TAKE THIS QUIIZ

All Against That Courtney Girl TAKE THIS QUIIZ

by: iLoveUKyle_WithAllMyHeart

OMG! Okay, this biitch courtney has fvcking gotten on my last nerve. I know you ALL know her, her username is Jacobi_Is_Here. If you agree with me, she needs to get a life and leave quibblo, then you rock, if not, you suck! She's fvcking hurting everyone. Courtney IS jacobi. She hurt Leighton, then told Leighton he cant be with Alex, what a sluutty heartbreaker that girl! She says she's "IN Love" With EVERY SINGLE GUY she gets her hands on! She is a sluutty asss wh()re dammit!--- Message me..

  1. 1

    Dont you hate courtney?

  2. 2

    Im being fvcking serious about this though. Are you one of the ppl she hurt?

  3. 3

    Should she delete and NEVER come back?

  4. 4

    WE should gang up on her, HATE her, force her off, NEVER TALK TO HER, make her feel like shiit and use her head as footrest!

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