depetition test

depetition test

by: lily26

do you feel sad or upset maybe even deprst well take this quiz to find out.
no if u are sad ring 0800whatsup or life line or text 234 these are free cousilng lines there is no topic that is to big or to small, if it is important to u then it is important to them. not topic is to award or weard just talk to them about it. it will help to talk it though.

  1. 1

    how many days have you been feling sad

  2. 2

    why did you take this quiz

  3. 3

    how often do u think that u would rather be dead

  4. 4

    do u ever think that heating yourself is a good idea

  5. 5

    do you ever think that no one cares about you

Created by lily26


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