McDonald's vs Chuck E Cheese's

by: undertakerlugia

Two place where kids can eat and play at the same time!

  1. 1

    First off, every restaurant has a food most commonly associated with it! Which do you prefer?

  2. 2

    Every main course has a side to go with it! Which do you prefer?

  3. 3

    But both of these places have more than just the usual main course, side, drink and dessert. Both have entire menus of things to eat and drink. Which do you prefer?

  4. 4

    But kids don't want to just eat! They want to play while the food's cooking. Which place is better for kids to have fun at?

  5. 5

    Every company needs a slogan! Which is better?

  6. 6

    In an attempt to draw attention from children, a lot of business's make a kid-friendly mascot! And what kid-friendly mascot could be better than a wierd clown and a creepy animatronic rat! Which one?

  7. 7

    But both places have an entire cast of mascots! Like female birds! Which character is better?

  8. 8

    Both of these places also have wierd, purple guys that nobody knows exactly what they're supposed to be? Which character?

  9. 9

    One hunts outlaws, one is an outlaw! Which character do you prefer?

  10. 10

    Finally, which restaurant/playland do you prefer overall?

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