Cartoon Characters - Who would you rather hang out with?

by: raerae

We all like cartoons or should! If you could talk to any of these crazy characters who would they be? You decide in this throwdown.

  1. 1

    ROUND ONE: Cartoon Dads

  2. 2

    ROUND TWO: Super Heroes

  3. 3

    ROUND THREE: Sesame Street

  4. 4

    ROUND FOUR: Ducks

  5. 5

    ROUND FIVE: Neighbors

  6. 6

    ROUND SIX: Trouble Makers

  7. 7

    ROUND SEVEN: Imaginary Friends

  8. 8

    ROUND EIGHT: Naruto Characters

  9. 9

    ROUND NINE: Teen Titans

  10. 10

    FINAL ROUND: Icons

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