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Deletingg this shit, yooo !

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Deletingg thiss . This website'ss fvckingg ruhtardeddddd . Myy email is fvkintaylor(@) (it;s really a U not a V onn my email, butt quib wont let me cuss -.-) aightttt :) I'll prollyy makee ahh neww quibb soo don'tt miss meee . Butt it'ss nott for shurreee . Iff i havee moree thann 30 peoplee votee NO byyy monday , i PROLLY won'ttt deleteee . It aint fushooo . :) Aight latah's

  1. 1

    Do you want me to delete?

  2. 2

    Will you miss me when i delete.. If i do?

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