do you wish........................2

by: mcrmcrmcrmcrmcr
  1. 1

    everyone celebrated all holidays regardless of there religon or what country there from

  2. 2

    you could fall asleep when ever u wanted to within seconds foe as long as u wanted (if u wanted a 20 min sleep b4 ur fave show u could)

  3. 3

    u could shot tennis balls from the palm of ur hand (no idea wat use that would be)

  4. 4

    all exams where done by placing a helmet on ur head and examining wat u know rather than written tests

  5. 5

    you could be vaccinatid against colds

  6. 6

    halloween comes twice a year and its the law everyone must dress up

  7. 7

    in gym/PE you go on the obstical corses u see on tv eg total wipeout

  8. 8

    u never feel too hot or too cold (even if its snowing )

  9. 9

    you could have a computer fitted into the palm of ur hand

  10. 10

    you could leave notes 4 urself wen u where younger

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