by: prettygurra1
  1. 1

    Do you think if students had more homework it will reduce the amount of trouble that they get in outside of school

  2. 2

    Homework should be fun and educational

  3. 3

    What percentage do you think homework should play in your grade?

  4. 4

    Homework should play a big part in your grade:

  5. 5

    On a scale of 1-5 how much control should students have over what homework they do?

  6. 6

    Having homework would help you in the future

  7. 7

    Having homework could help you understand your class work better

  8. 8

    How often does homework give you a headache scale (1-5) 1 being never and 5 being all the time

  9. 9

    Having homework is fun on a scale (1-5) 1 being never 5 being all the time

  10. 10

    Should teachers give students homework everyday

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