what does it mean when a guy rubs your back while hugging you?

by: alaxerm15

There's this guy I kinda like and i haven't been able to figure out if he likes me to... he gives me mixed signals and the other day we ran into each other and we said hi and he hugged me. I'm making this quiz to see if anyone knows what his hug (and other hugs) could have meant cause i'm a little lost :) thanks!
so you run into each other and...

  1. 1

    ...he hugs you around your neck (your hands are around his waste)

  2. 2

    ...he hugs around your waste (your hands are more around his neck area)

  3. 3

    ...he briefly hugs tightly around your waist (closely but a fast one)

  4. 4

    ...he does any of the previously mentioned hugs and pats your back

  5. 5

    ...he hugs you closely around the waist for quite a few seconds and slowly rubs your back

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