im making a random survey

  1. 1


  2. 2

    know i guess i should ask you a question, doncha think

  3. 3

    have you ever gotten hig off of coffee??? omg you can if you drink enough trust me i know

  4. 4

    buzz light year or woody?

  5. 5

    omg did you see toy story three???

  6. 6

    did it make you cry (omg it made me cry, happy and sad tears!!!)

  7. 7

    do you know anyone who plays the drums???

  8. 8

    did you ever eat spaghetti tacos??

  9. 9

    are you wondering when i got high off of coffeee? (oh i know wat yur thinking, you sound like you are rite NOWWW!!!)

  10. 10

    hahahaha i used to think all of thee above ment like, the sky and heavan and stufff.... it like confused me SOOOO much

  11. 11

    uhm. uh.... uhmmmmmm uh..... idk! uhm..... so... hows the wheather?????

  12. 12

    what color is your hair?(tell me yur natural cuhlooorr)

  13. 13

    i am IN LOVE

  14. 14

    haha i was just kidding im totally not

  15. 15

    im sure this is very boring

  16. 16

    maybe ill just stop this before it gets out of hand.....

  17. 17

    AHHHH itchy where am i itchy?

  18. 18

    alrite bye

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