Does he like, love, hate me or did he only have a problem?

by: SasuxSeka

It's my first thing what I create here on quibblo, so I hope I make everything right ^^'
Well I'm in love with a guy out my class rightnow. I told him that I like him, but he makes strange things after I told him that. Now I want to know if he only have a problem, like me, love me or hate me. I asked my best friends but all of them said something else. My bff said he like me maybe have a crush on me. Well my situation is really confusing, so I hope someone can help me ^^

  1. 1

    When we are in the pc-room, he flirt sometimes with one of my best friends infront of my eyes. But when I'm so pissed off that the others can see that, he stops suddely.

  2. 2

    When he comes on the schoolyard with his bike and I walk with my friends past him, he look at me and when I look back he look to the ground.

  3. 3

    When we have textile he sit often next to me, even thought a another sat in free.

  4. 4

    He annoys me often. For example: One timehe asked for a chewing gum. I gav him my last one. He stared at it and slowly open and closed his mouth over again. But as I said "I hate you!" he stuck it in.

  5. 5

    Sometimes he asked me if I needed any help by our homework in math. He know that I'm not so good in it.

  6. 6

    He flirts with me...... sometimes and he said something like: "Hey babe, did it hurt as you fall down from the sky?" "Is you dad a terrorist? Because you look like a bomb."

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