am i too fat? im 13 and 248 pounds in weight.

by: sarahsmithz

please do this quiz and comment after! i know im fat i just need to know wether im too fat or not.

  1. 1

    if i look down all i see is my breasts and my belly

  2. 2

    i have 7 fat rolls

  3. 3

    my belly measures 51 inches round and my hips measure 49 inches

  4. 4

    if i were xl size tracksuits my belly hangs down 4 inches

  5. 5

    my bra size is DD

  6. 6

    i have a double chin

  7. 7

    if i poke my belly my hand goes in and i cant feel where the fat ends

  8. 8

    after climbing the stairs i have to sit down for a few minutes and rest

  9. 9

    my belly wobbles and jiggles about whenever i move

  10. 10

    my butt is big and sticks out very noticeably

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