Random Twilight Saga Survey ^.^

by: Time_Eternal

Hi eveyone! This is just a random survey I decided to make because I was curious about people's opinions. Enjoy~^.^~

  1. 1

    Do you like the Twilight Saga books?

  2. 2

    Which book is your favorite?

  3. 3

    Did you read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner?

  4. 4

    Which Team are you on?

  5. 5

    Did you like the way Breaking Dawn ended?

  6. 6

    Which would you rather be?

  7. 7

    Did you watch/like the Twilight movies?

  8. 8

    Who's your favorite Cullen?

  9. 9

    Who's your favorite Wolf?

  10. 10

    Who's your favorite Volturi?

  11. 11

    Who's your favorite vampire other than the Cullens and Volturi?

  12. 12

    Who's power would you most like to have?

  13. 13

    Did you ever read The Host?

  14. 14

    My curiousity is satisfied for now. Bye-Bye!

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