This or That Time! ^.^

by: SherlockedSherlock

As the title so wisely tells you, it is this or that time. :D Lol well you know what to do. And if you don't, too bad! :P jk jk... XD

~Aylla xx

(PS. All the questions are about what I consider the most amazing things in the world)

  1. 1

    Harry Potter or Hunger Games?

  2. 2

    Reece Mastin or Johnny Ruffo? (Most people won't know who they are, so just pick randomly)

  3. 3

    Sherlock the TV show or Sherlock Holmes the movie?

  4. 4

    One Direction's songs What Makes You Beautiful or One Thing?

  5. 5

    Harry Potter or Ron Weasley?

  6. 6

    Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

  7. 7

    Percy Jackson or Hunger Games?

  8. 8

    Team Peeta or Team Gale?

  9. 9

    Percy Jackson and the Olympians or The Heroes of Olympus?

  10. 10

    Percy Jackson or Jason Grace? (Sorry if you've only read the first Percy Jackson series...)

  11. 11

    Annabeth Chace or Thalia Grace? (Percy Jackson characters if you haven't read them... if you don't know who they are, choose randomly)

  12. 12

    Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood?

  13. 13

    Sherlock Holmes or John Watson?

  14. 14

    Harry Styles or Liam Payne?

  15. 15

    Zayn Malik or Niall Horan?

  16. 16

    Gryffindor or Ravenclaw?

  17. 17

    Prim or Rue?

  18. 18

    Finnick or Peeta?

  19. 19

    Sherlock Holmes or Hunger Games?

  20. 20

    Was this awesome or terrible?

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