Would You Rather: TW Edition

Would You Rather: TW Edition

by: PBYvonne97

WYR: The Wanted Edition. The Wanted (british boy band). The guys who sing 'the sun goes down the stars come out and all that counts is here and now my universe will never be the same i'm GLAD YOU CAME...' and 'chasing the sun' :3 all questions will be related to them.

  1. 1

    WYR: Cuddle w/ Siva or Cuddle w/ Nathan

  2. 2

    WYR: Watch Avatar w/ Jay or go out for a walk with Tom

  3. 3

    WYR: snog Max for an hour or pull pranks on the guys w/ Siva

  4. 4

    WYR: date your favorite member only to have it go sour after a year or be friends with them

  5. 5

    WYR: Play with Jay's curls or have Nathan sing to you

  6. 6

    WYR: Be tickled by Tom or have a hotdog eating contest with Max?

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