Which is worse?

by: clase_de_2013

Choose whichever option seems worse to you.

  1. 1

    tornado or hurricane?

  2. 2

    losing your cell phone or losing your keys?

  3. 3

    being drafted by the army or being sent to jail?

  4. 4

    failing a class or doing poorly on the SATs?

  5. 5

    cyberbullying or physical bullying?

  6. 6

    being short or being tall?

  7. 7

    lice or bedbugs?

  8. 8

    getting shot or getting stabbed?

  9. 9

    being hungry, or being thirsty?

  10. 10

    never being able to shower, or never being able to brush your teeth

  11. 11

    being treated like a child, or having the responsibilities of an adult?

  12. 12

    extreme heat or extreme cold?

  13. 13

    getting fifty piercings or fifty tattoos?

  14. 14

    getting on the bad side of a terrorist group, or getting on the bad side of the Mafia?

  15. 15

    finding out that the tooth fairy isn't real, or finding out that the Easter Bunny isn't real?

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