school with the Beatles

by: Beatler_Directioner_Mixer

if you went to school with the Beatles...

  1. 1

    john threw a paper ball at the teacher and he(teacher) blames you. you get detention. what do you do ?

  2. 2

    which of the Beatles are you crushing on ?

  3. 3

    George is spreading a rumor about you. he's saying that you are dating the 'nose picker' Ralph. what is your revenge {:

  4. 4

    Paul accidentally kisses you. how do you react ?

  5. 5

    you get a love letter in your locker. what's it say ?

  6. 6

    it's time for a field trip. you go to skating. when it's time for couple skating Ringo asks you. you accept. what happens next ?

  7. 7

    remember the note you found in your locker ? what did you say.

  8. 8

    if you said yes to the Beatle who wrote the note, and he asked you to prom, what did you say ?

  9. 9

    if you said no to the Beatle who wrote the note. what did you do on prom night ?

  10. 10

    what was the greatest memory from school with the Beatles ?

  11. 11

    was this quiz good ?

  12. 12

    should i make a story for the Beatles school thing( this ) and write an after graduation story ? ( like a love story? )

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