Hello. I just like to have your opinion.

by: TheInsaneDarkAngel

This is for my school project called the Power of 1.
It's basically I dress up like an important person and explained why I affect our lives today or how I'm a great example of today's society.

Though I asked one person, I want everyone else to help me choose another important person, just in case the one I want is taken. For me I want to do Walt Disney, since I find he's a bit easier to start. If someone takes him, damn it. -.-*

It's okay if you don't know these people.

  1. 1

    Which important person should I be if I can't be Walt Disney? (Mainly, all these guys are men, they're barely any women)

  2. 2

    Whatever important person you pick, do you know anything about them? I won't mind if you didn't.

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