Harry Potter: Would you Rather

by: Arkhams_unhinging

title is self explanatory so let us begin

  1. 1

    Would you rather: Date Harry or Ron

  2. 2

    WYR: Be a death eater or a member of The order of the Phoenix

  3. 3

    WYR: Fight Bellatrix or Lucius

  4. 4

    WYR: ride a Hippogrif or a Dragon

  5. 5

    WYR: take care of magical (cant spell) creatchers or Divination

  6. 6

    Draco Malfoy or Oliver Wood

  7. 7

    WYR: have Molly or Minerva as a mum

  8. 8

    WYR: have Sirius or Remus as a dad

  9. 9

    WYR: have Cho or Luna as a best friend (girl)

  10. 10

    WYR: have Harry or Neville as a best friend (boy)

  11. 11

    WYR: comment or rate my quiz

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