Childhood spankings

by: LittleMonster11
  1. 1

    What offenses your parents/guardian considered deserving of spanking at the first time?

    Please select all that apply.

  2. 2

    When did the scolding happen?

  3. 3

    How sore your bottom was after a typical spanking?

  4. 4

    How long until you could sit down comfortably again?

  5. 5

    Which parent delievered the spankings?

  6. 6

    Did they ever spank you in a public place?

  7. 7

    Did they ever give you a spanking so that your siblings or friends could see or hear it?

    Please select all that apply.

  8. 8

    Did you feel embarrased to get a spanking from your parent/guardian?

  9. 9

    Did you and your friends or siblings ever talk about your/their spankings?

  10. 10

    Did you face corner time after a spanking?

  11. 11

    Did your spanker hug/kiss/tell you they love you, right after the spanking?

  12. 12

    Do you remember ever doubting their love for you because of a spanking?

  13. 13

    Did your trust for your parent/guardian decrease because of spankings?

  14. 14

    Were you afraid of your parents/guardian?

  15. 15

    Did they, or did you ever feel like they spanked you unjustly?

  16. 16

    Do you feel you're a better or stronger person today, because they spanked you?

  17. 17

    Would you mind if they spanked you, for a good reason, in your adult years?

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