Would you feel guilty if....

by: Blemarooney

Just a little survey asking when you feel guilt

  1. 1

    ...you go to give someone a friend request on Quibblo and see that you are already friends with them

  2. 2

    ...you accidently broke a childs favorite toy

  3. 3

    ...you accidently knock a lot of stuff off a shelf in a shop and keep walking as if nothing happened

  4. 4

    ...your friends crush liked you instead of your friend

  5. 5

    You found $100 in a wallet on the street and picked it up and kept it

  6. 6

    ...you stole a friends idea and claimed it was your own

  7. 7

    ...you judged somebody just by how they looked, then learned that they are nothing like you thought

  8. 8

    ...you accidently spread a rumor that was in no way true

  9. 9

    ...you injured a small child mess fighting with them

  10. 10

    ...you insulted someone without even realizing it

  11. 11

    ...somebody started to get really jealous of you

  12. 12

    ...you broke something in a store and left without paying for it

  13. 13

    ...you accidently set the fire alarm in your school off, causing a complete panic

  14. 14

    ...you harmed an animal while going for a walk without even realizing it

  15. 15

    ...you were the cause that somebody ran away from their home

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