Cat Breed Tournament - Round 2

Cat Breed Tournament - Round 2

by: Ithilwen

And now on to Round 2!

For such a limited topic, we got a decent turnout in the last round. How will things fare in this one? Will there be any tough decisions, or will it be smooth sailing? Let's show support for our beloved feline friends and start voting!

Round closes 12/12

  1. 1

    Russian Blue vs. Bengal

  2. 2

    Manx vs. Tabby

  3. 3

    Siberian vs. Maine Coon

  4. 4

    Somali vs. American Shorthair

  5. 5

    Himalayan vs. Ocicat

  6. 6

    Ragdoll vs. Norwegian Forest

  7. 7

    Siamese vs. Persian

  8. 8

    British Shorthair vs. Birman

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