FerSure's Photo Album

Get it, this is my reaction when I see a new message...  
I guess I used to like this guys... I won't delete it though XD  
Still a better love story than Twilight.  
This, aparently, is how my neighbor sees me. Silly him, I have black hair.  
OHHH DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU GOT INTOOO? CAN YOU HANDLE WHAT I'M ABOUT TO- oh what, you don't like my singing? Well screw you then.  
Day one in the life of a forever alone...  
Wow I would actually do a cosplay of this...except for the fact that I'M TOO POOR AND YOUNG TO COSPLAY. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE. My mummy says I have great nostrils ;-;  
Wow I guess this is how I look at mornings...  
HEY mockingjaygirl99!! ITS HOPE AND CLAUDE! I'll draw alexis later tho I'm too lazy... and sorry I'm not the best one at drawing... But if you want to get an accurate picture of both of them, for Claude search "andy biersack" and for hope, check out xxemoxmilaxx's photo album because their looks are kinda based on those two...  
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