Mz_OtakuMangaMangaka's Photo Album

My attempt to draw a realistic eyeI -_-" It still looks 2D though.  
L's Adorable Smile ~ I worked five hours straight on this picture. The reason why it doesn't look like the L you expected is because I drew it while studying this cute photo of him smiling. Here's the link:  So, tell me what you think?  
First Itachi drawing! Yay Uchiha's :)  
Have you ever smelt a big fat cuban cigar? Have you ever hitched a ride on a shooting star? Have yu ever seen red when it should've been yellow? Whoa! Have you ever been ^^Mello?^^ God his hair was so hard to draw. Hope you like it, and please look up that awsome song. :D  
L from Death Note. I know it's not perfect, but its the first time I've drew him. He was pretty complicated. Anyway, enjoy!  
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